What We Offer

​​​GIS, ​​​Mapping and Spatial


We create custom maps for managing your operations.  Online or on paper, we can map our customers, property, facilities, resources, and more. ​



Software and Database 


Specializing in the development of comprehensive databases and implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to manage your geodata. If you’re thinking about using GIS in your organization, we’re here to help. 


​Geolution grew out of our desire to be in the field and create customized mapping solutions for clients. We are a Geographic Information Systems(GIS)  consulting firm based in Granite Bay, we serve California and the Greater Sacramento region. 

GIS Consulting


As part of our wider GIS Consultancy services,Geolution offers a customized approach to ArcGIS training. We offer a 1:1 training environment using the client specific data.

Our GIS Team will help establish the specific needs of individual users and the workflows. At any time our GIS mapping specialists can advise on, design and implement relational GIS mapping databases. We are with you every step of the way!

  • ESRI ArcGIS suite (including desktop), ArcGIS Server 10+, ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS. 
  • Industry standard programming languages to automate processes and procedures to enhance GIS efficiency. 
  • Background in multiple sciences disciplines.
  • Industry leading equipment, technology and methodology.
  • Design and preparation of cartographic products, creation of spatial data, and facilitation of project needs assessments and alignment with quality control standards.
  • Geodatabase creation, implementation, versioning and maintenance.
  • Environmental Planning, including, planning, permits, and design. 
  • Vegetation Management and Restoration Projects.

Research and Analysis 


We do most of our research in-house to cater to our clients individual needs. We thrive for excellence in environmental research, cultural research, analytics, and surveys.

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We are happy to bring our expertise on-site to your project. With a highly experienced in-house technical team, we have a strong, established presence in both the Public and Private Sector. 

Our team has years of experience helping clients incorporate innovative maps into their operations.